Welcome to former manor house “Le Ruaudet” in the small village of Parfouru-sur-Odon.


This 140 inhabitants village is set between the Normandy landings’ coasts and Mont-Saint-Michel.


The nearest towns are Caen, Bayeux and Villers-Bocage where you can find supermarkets, shops and restaurants.


Le Ruaudet is the former farmhouse of the Manor of Parfouru sur Odon. It was built at the beginning of the 17st century.


The house has been restored to give it back all that cachet that its old stones deserved. A garden inspired by medieval ages is set along.


A nice river, l’Odon, flows near the village, coming down from the hills of the “Suisse Normande” area to reach a place called “la Prairie” which is a racecourse in Caen.
Along its stiff banks, a lot of paths and lanes offer a choice of various walks through meadows and woods and join larger walk paths - as GR 36 and GR 21 leading to Mont-Saint-Michel.


With a lot of care, it is possible to observe wild animals coming out at dawn or at twilight (deers, wild boars, foxes, squirrels etc.)